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Let's Get Together

As the world opens up with new protocols to get together, let's enjoy our time together. Even if it involves taking a rapid test before meeting or going to an event.

I love creating boards, I call abundance boards to celebrate local and seasonal produce with yummy dips like roasted carrots dip or muhammara. Add everything you love from dehydrated persimmons and mango, fresh herbs, and spiced nuts. Dark chocolate is also a favorite.

Add your holiday baked goods, which this is a time to bake edible gifts! The holiday lights, music, and scents and the best to accompany the beautiful boards you can create. Please share with me the beautiful abundance boards that you create this season.

Starting next week, I will be going Live with friends on Instagram. We will host of Clubhouse a room celebrating Sugar and Spice, spices and herbs of the winter holidays. We will also share cocktails and mocktails. If you currently want more inspiration check out this blog post.

For some tablescape inspiration check out this picture.

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Happy Holidays!! Enjoy the time with loved ones and family!!!

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Hi chef Mercedes, congrats on your 1 year bike riding badge. I'm so proud. Mom says congrats. Call us about joining you on the 12 weeks course!. God bless.

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