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Mindful Eating - Do you eat with your senses?

As we head into March, National Nutrition Month, I have been thinking about eating habits. Sometimes, we have to approach things with a beginner's mindset and back to basics. I believe this is the best approach.

Do you pay attention to how and where you eat?

Do you eat with your 5 senses?

-What does it look like?

-What can you smell?

-What does it taste like?

-What does it sound like when you bite and chew it?

-What are you feeling?

Do you eat the rainbow and add nutrition to your plate?

Do you eat local and seasonal?

I will be sharing in my newsletter this coming month ways of adding nutrition and choosing to make better eating habits. I'm sharing a new freebie on Eating Habits, so you can see how you are winning and how you can make more empowered food choices. Sign up here.

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