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November, Full of Gratitude

We are officially in the holiday season. Last night was Halloween, and in 3 weeks is Thanksgiving. In NYC you are already seeing the holiday lights up and ready to shine. I love approaching Thanksgiving and being grateful for the year and the small moments. I don't keep a gratitude journal but I think about what I'm thankful for every day. It's a simple practice that is a great way to start the day. Some people start the day with beautiful affirmations. What is your favorite affirmation?

I love starting with

I AM..

I am Love

I am Kind

I am Strong

I am Powerful

When I took my strengths assessment thru VIA . Kindness and Creativity were some of my top strengths and I love expressing myself with these traits. Have you thought about the difference between gratitude and thankfulness? Love this description from VIA. Read here

Do you know your strengths? Please share if you know them or just learned them via the personality strengths assessment.

How do you shine?

photos from Unsplash

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