Ramp Season! 4 Ingredient Pesto.

Updated: Apr 28

Love ramps. They are in season and love adding them to dishes. They are very pungent and if you don't mind strong garlic breathe, then make a pesto.

I added some to my bean chili instead of garlic and shallots.

I used the rest of it to make a quick pesto.

Here is my recipe for Ramp Pesto.

Ramp Pesto

A bunch of ramps, cleaned and chopped.

A few leaves of basil.

1/2 cup of toasted pine nuts.

Olive Oil as needed start with 1/2 cup

Blend in a blender or in a Cuisinart. Place ingredients in the blender or Cuisinart bowl. Add the olive oil slowly and pesto consistently.

Enjoy with your favorite pasta, sourdough, and some grilled vegetables.

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