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Ice cream, Ice Cream , We all scream for Ice Cream

In NYC, you will find ice cream everywhere. Two summers ago, my family made it a weekly outing. Trying different flavors and places in the city. One of the best parts of working pastry professional for so many years was the ice cream flavors created during different seasons.

Spring brings great produce like berries, cherries,melons and peaches into season. I like the creaminess of ice cream vs. sorbet. Just a note, sorbet usually has more sugar to help stabilize it, so have the ice cream if you can.

Last weekend, I took a fun no churn ice cream class with a friend. She had PB&J as a flavor, we did Strawberry Rhubarb with White Poppy and Chia seeds instead. It was yummy, I topped with more of the compote.

My tip as a health coach is have the ice cream. Have a nice cream or the frozen yogurt if you really enjoy it. When you have the ice cream enjoy it with no guilt. Top it with your favorite fruit or toasted nuts. If you are adding nuts, toast them, it brings out the flavor.

Enjoy your summer treats. If you need support in your health journey. I'm here for you to help you navigate food. I believe in adding nutrition into your day not removing food. Adding a bit of seasonal vegetables and herbs can make a big difference in your day.

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